If shortly,Swapcrossing works in such a way:

1. find the desired card

2. click the offer exchange

3. waiting for response from the owner of cherished postcards

4. share addresses.

5. register received postcard in the system

In the first step you will need to view the catalogue of available cards, recently added cards or most popular postcards. You can search by categories and tags.

The site will be displayed (and will be sent to you via email) ID cards and its owner (for example: Natalia, SWAP-09871). On behalf of the owner will take you to their profile, where you can find it a list desired cards. If you saw that in the list of desired cards have a theme which has cards in your collection, you click on the button "Offer to Exchange" on the card you like and select as a counter-proposal to exchange a card from the list owner of cherished postcards. This greeting card holder will receive a notification that his card would like to Exchange and offer to Exchange.

If the interests of the participants sharing the same, owner of postcards offered for Exchange, Exchange and participants confirms fall address each other, which they indicated during registration.

Participants receive cards and register them by using the ID cards, which are on the card. 
Every time you register cards, you increase your rating Swapcrossera. And of course, you update your collection of postcards. Absolutely free!